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Surplus Bondage Rope




A few years ago, while organizing our rope workshop, we realized that we had some odd lengths, overflow of certain colors and extra rope that we had no space for. So, we decided to offer up these surplus Bondage and Shibari Ropes at a discounted price.


Maybe you have been wanting to try out some of our rope? Or you are rigger and like colorful hemp to accent your ties? Or you are just starting out and want to build up your rope kit without breaking the bank? Maybe you need a length of rope for....?


All the rope lengths listed on this page are processed and finished with either our Shibari knotted ends, overhand knotted ends or whipped ends unless otherwise noted. Each length is usable for various types of ties in Bondage and Shibari - your imagination is your only limitation! Surplus does not mean "second" or "used" - we do NOT sell lengths that we would not use on ourselves. Due to our process of dying and processing rope in smaller batches, some of the colors may vary slightly from pictures shown. If you are looking for different lengths, check out our standard selections for your choice of ropes.


All items will remain up for sale until sold. Rope on this page is first come, first serve and we will strive to keep it updated consistently. Discount codes do NOT apply to Surplus Rope - the rope is already discounted! Surplus rope generally ships within 1-3 business days of ordering.


Please note that the colors represented here may vary from the actual colors you receive as your monitor can affect the way you 'see' colors. Rope is sold "as-is" and we will not whip knotted ends or knot whipped ends.



Please contact us via email if you would like to see photos of any of these ropes.

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