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Custom Floggers & Cats


Durable, functional and distinctive, our Floggers are hand crafted with a passion for high quality, form and function. Our genuine leathers, exceptional array of native hardwoods, sturdy hardware and exacting standards make our Floggers perfect for light to heavy usage. As with all of our products, we custom create your desires!


Why buy something that everyone else has when you can custom create something to fit you and your needs?





Custom Hawaiian Bloodwood handled Vegan Flogger with Black and Merlot falls and matching Wrist/Ankle cuffs





Bloodwood Handle with 4 Canadian Red Fox Tails 





Doubled handed flogger handle in Ohia wood with custom engraving "Toymaker" in Hobbit font 





Borneo Rosewood handle with Deerskin falls 






Custom Engraved Milo Wood Handle with Chocolate Brown Moose falls 





Purple heart Handle with Black Elk falls 



While we specialize in exotic wooden handle floggers, we can create metal and leather handles with a variety of materials for the falls including: Elk, Bison, Bullhide, Deerskin, Suede, Kangaroo Leather, Latigo, Cowhide, Horsehair and Eco-friendly materials such as Rubber, Nylon, Rope, Seagrass and Coconut Rope. Each flogger is expertly weighted and balanced.


If you are searching for a Flogger, contact us with the following information so we can help you create a Flogger that looks and feels great:



1. How long do you want the total length of the flogger to be? How long do you want the falls? If you do not know, how tall are you or the person wielding the flogger? How long is the length of your hand, laid flat, from the side of your leg down to the ground?


2. How long do you want the handle to be? If you do not know, how wide is your (their) hand?


3. The type of sensation you are seeking - Thuddy, Sharp, Stingy, Sensual, Combination, etc How wide do you want the falls?


4. Types of materials - Leather, Vegan/Eco-friendly, Wood, Metal, Hair, Fur, etc See a sample of some of our Materials like our Exotic Woods, Horsehair and Leathers.


5. Colors & Designs - Have a picture or design in mind? Photos are a great way to get a picture across to us so please send us your ideas to better help you.


6. Budget - If you have a budget you need to work with, let us know.



If you don't know all the answers, no worries. Just contact us and we will help create a Flogger anyone would be proud to own!





Koa wood handle with thick silver chain falls (heavy impact piece!)




Milo wood handle with silky faux (fake) Black Chinchilla fur falls 





Milo wood handle with silky faux (fake) Snow Leopard fur falls 






Milo Wood Handle & Cognac Bison leather falls                   Custom engraving in Muenchner Fraktur font 

on Mango Heart wood handle and Cognac Bison leather falls






Curly Koa wood handle with "Complete Submission" carved in Dali font and Brown Suede falls






Mango Heart Wood handle with Sorrel Horsehair 




Mango wood handled Cat with braided purple suede tails




Plum wood ends on a Black Knight flogger with black suede falls




Simply designed with genuine Crocodile leather handle




Monkeypod Handle with Cognac and Whiskey Bison Leather falls




Mango Handle with Braided Dark Brown Latigo Tails




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