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Organic Cotton Rope





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We can’t believe how soft this 100% Fair Trade Organic Cotton Rope is. Handspun from fibers imported from organic farms in India, it remains lightweight yet strong for bondage rope and has become a favorite in our rope bags. Our cotton rope is “feel good” rope with a much more refined texture than the typical hardware store brand cotton rope. We recommend hand washing with a gentle soap and air drying with all our luxury ropes to maintain their properties but this Organic Cotton rope is machine washable on the gentle cycle for easy care. Our handspun Organic Cotton Rope is sold in 4MM, 5MM, 6MM and 8MM diameters in 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft, 30ft and 50ft lengths. Rope is delivered with standard black whipped ends. Please note our processing times for Luxury Bondage Ropes.


Colors - Natural, White, Black, Pink, Red, Purple, Green, Blue…color choices are up to you. Create a color combination that you love. If you have a specific shade of color in mind, please send us a sample to try to match.











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